Delicious Snow Goose Tostadas Recipe: A Wild Game Culinary Delight

Discover the flavors of the wild with our Snow Goose Tostadas recipe, a perfect blend of game meat and fresh ingredients. Prepared by students involved with the Chico State Ducks Unlimited chapter, this recipe is ideal for hunters and culinary enthusiasts alike, this recipe transforms the robust flavor of snow goose into a delightful meal.


  • Snow Goose Breast: 2 large breasts (about 1-1.5 pounds total)
  • Garlic: 3 cloves
  • Bay Leaves: 2 Leaves
  • Tomatoes (for Salsa): 5 medium
  • Yellow Onion: 1 chopped onion
  • Can of Chipotles Chiles "in Adobo": 1 small can (about 7 oz)
  • Sour Cream: 1 cup
  • Chicken Bouillon
  • Queso Fresco: 1/2 cup crumbled
  • Lettuce: 2 cups shredded
  • Vegetable Oil: 2 tablespoons for frying
  • Salt: To taste (approximately 1 teaspoon)
  • Tostada Shells: 6 to 8
  • Water: Enough to cover the goose breasts in the pot (approximately 4-6 cups)


  1. Preparing the Goose: Begin by plucking and cleaning the goose breasts. Burn off any remaining feathers with a torch or stove flame. Remove the breast meat from the bone and soak in water for further cleaning.

  2. Cooking the Goose: In a pot, cover the goose breasts with water (about 4-6 cups) with half onion, 3 garlic cloves, and 2 bay leaves. Boil until they turn a dark greenish-black color, ensuring tender and flavorful meat. Remove and let them cool for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT DUMP POT, SAVE THE BROTH!

  3. Making the Salsa: Score and cook the tomatoes in the goose broth. Blend them with the chipotles to create a salsa, adding 1 cup of goose broth and salt for flavor and adding salt and Chicken Bouillon as needed.

  4. Shredding and Frying the Goose: Shred the cooled goose meat. Fry in vegetable oil with other half of onion until golden, seasoning with salt.

  5. Assembling the Tostadas: Layer sour cream, cooked goose meat, homemade salsa, queso fresco, and lettuce on each tostada shell.

  6. Serving: Serve the tostadas immediately to enjoy the fusion of flavors and textures.

This Snow Goose Tostadas recipe is a celebration of wild game cooking, bringing the unique taste of snow goose to your table in an exciting and delicious way. Perfect for a family dinner or a gathering of friends, these tostadas are sure to impress and satisfy.

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I rewatched the episode and compared it to the written recipe they had on hand. I would disregard that step and follow the stated recipe above. I personally was not on the this trip but I think they were making a Salsa Verde compared to the salsa in the recipe which is a Red Salsa. To answer your question, those green things that looked like olives are Tomatillos if you want to replicate what they did in the video. Thank you for asking, I’m sure there others had the same question.


Your recipe, what are those. Are they olives?

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