Campus Waterfowl is a community of collegiate waterfowl hunters. We share and create content to shine light on the thousands of collegiate waterfowl hunters and their untold stories.


Campus Waterfowl's mission is to highlight, educate and connect new and experienced waterfowl hunters.


Campus Waterfowl was established in 2014 by Jason Cruise. Cruise said, "University students across the nation were posting some epic images of laying down large groups of ducks and geese. You cannot do that if you aren't legit as a hunter and woodsman." Being the author Cruise is, he decided to write "The Campus Waterfowl Project," which featured twelve collegiate waterfowl hunters.

Upon publishing, Cruise took the idea to social media; though, Cruise did not want to be the one to manage the page, he wanted Campus Waterfowl to be managed by active college students who live the lifestyle everyday. Wesley Littlefield (Rogers State University), Derek Christians (South Dakota State University) and Logan Smith (Mississippi State University) were the first three students to manage the page.
campus waterfowl history
Prior to graduating college, Wesley, Derek and Logan operated the platform for 3 years. After graduating the interns passed the management of the page to other collegiate interns. A year passed and Cruise decided to return Campus Waterfowl to the ones who originally managed it for him.

“They are students.

They are conservationists. 

They are the future of the hunting industry.”

- Jason Cruise

Today, Campus Waterfowl continues to be a place where collegiate waterfowl hunters can share their content to the entire waterfowl industry, learn from other like minded hunters and connect with students across the country.

Campus Waterfowl appreciates all your support through the years and we look forward to many more seasons with all of you!