Welcome to Campus Waterfowl, the largest digital community dedicated to collegiate waterfowl hunters. Established in 2014 by outdoor media writer and television host Jason Cruise and managed by three college interns, Campus Waterfowl created a place for college students to share their passion for waterfowl hunting, connect with like-minded individuals, and showcase the outdoor lifestyle to the rest of the world.

campus waterfowl history 

In June 2021, Campus Waterfowl officially became a part of Ducks Unlimited, the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. This partnership allows us to further our mission of promoting the outdoor lifestyle and wetlands conservation to the next generation of hunters and conservationists. By working together, we can ensure a bright future for both waterfowl hunting and wetlands conservation.

Our Mission

Campus Waterfowl aims to create a community of collegiate waterfowl hunters and promote the passion, lifestyle, and conservation efforts of this group to the larger outdoor industry. Campus Waterfowl recognizes that today’s collegiate waterfowl hunters are tomorrow’s industry leaders and influencers, and seeks to empower and support this next generation of hunters and conservationists.

“They are students.

They are conservationists. 

They are the future of the hunting industry.”

- Jason Cruise

Through its social media presence, content production, and community events, Campus Waterfowl aims to provide a platform for collegiate waterfowl hunters to share their stories, connect with other like-minded hunters, and contribute to the broader conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited. Campus Waterfowl values authenticity, inclusivity, and the responsible and sustainable pursuit of waterfowl hunting.

In addition to promoting the lifestyle and passion of collegiate waterfowl hunters, Campus Waterfowl also aims to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands conservation and the role that hunters and conservationists play in preserving these vital ecosystems. By highlighting the conservation efforts of its members and partners, Campus Waterfowl hopes to inspire others to get involved in conservation and become stewards of the environment.

Overall, the mission of Campus Waterfowl is to build a community of passionate, responsible, and dedicated collegiate waterfowl hunters who share a commitment to preserving the sport, lifestyle, and environment for generations to come.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate waterfowl hunters who are dedicated to the mission of Campus Waterfowl. We come from all across the country and from a variety of different backgrounds, but we are united in our love of the outdoors and our desire to connect with other collegiate hunters. Meet our team and learn more about the people behind Campus Waterfowl.

Join Our Community

If you are a collegiate waterfowl hunter or simply share our passion for the outdoors, we invite you to join our community. Follow us on social media, participate in our events and contests, and share your own stories with us. Together, we can continue to grow the next generation of hunters and conservationists.