The Team

Derek Christians, Campus Waterfowl

Derek Christians


Brand Manager and Creator

A passionate hunter and business professional who has always had a love for waterfowl hunting. Derek joined Campus Waterfowl in 2015 as the second intern to manage the brand. Since then, he has dedicated himself to developing the brand and making it a recognized name in the hunting industry.

Derek graduated from South Dakota State University in 2017 with a degree in Business Economics. This education, combined with his experience at Campus Waterfowl, has given him a unique set of skills that he uses every day to grow the community of collegiate waterfowl hunters.

Hunting waterfowl has been a part of Derek's life for as long as he can remember. Growing up in southwest Minnesota, he spent countless hours hunting corn fields and marshes with his family and friends. This early passion for hunting and the camaraderie associated with waterfowl hunting has translated into a successful career managing Campus Waterfowl.

When he's not working, Derek enjoys spending time with his family and friends and exploring new business opportunities. Derek currently resides in Tennessee with his wife, Taylor, and dog, Hudson.