Campus Waterfowl and Ducks University: Uniting Collegiate Waterfowl Hunters and Conservationists

Ducks University and Campus Waterfowl, two distinct yet complementary programs, are uniting collegiate waterfowl hunters and conservationists across the United States. These initiatives not only encourage the responsible pursuit of waterfowl hunting but also emphasize the importance of wetlands conservation. Let's take a closer look at the Ducks University program and explore how it relates to Campus Waterfowl's mission of fostering a community of passionate collegiate waterfowl hunters and conservationists.

Aggie Ducks Unlimited Chapter

Ducks University: A Brief Overview

Ducks University, established in 1984, is an initiative by Ducks Unlimited that focuses on engaging college students in wetlands conservation efforts. Starting with the University of Texas at Austin and the Tiger Chapter in Baton Rouge, LA, the program has grown to include 90 active chapters across the country. In 2022, these chapters raised $2.3 million in event income for wetland conservation.

Every year, the Ducks University chapter program hosts a collegiate leadership summit called "Third Term" at the Ducks Unlimited National Headquarters. Here, college volunteers gather to learn about conservation, leadership skills, and fundraising techniques. This event highlights the importance of having a strong collegiate program for the future of wetlands conservation.

Ducks University chapters offer students several benefits, including social functions, school pride, access to DU merchandise, conservation education, resume building, networking opportunities, leadership development, and national competitions with other University chapters.

Campus Waterfowl: Connecting Collegiate Waterfowl Hunters

Campus Waterfowl, founded in 2014 and now part of Ducks Unlimited since 2021, is the largest digital community dedicated to collegiate waterfowl hunters. The platform provides a space for college students to share their passion for waterfowl hunting, connect with like-minded individuals, and showcase the outdoor lifestyle to the world. Campus Waterfowl focuses on authenticity, inclusivity, and the responsible and sustainable pursuit of waterfowl hunting.

Campus Waterfowl Hunting

The Connection: Uniting Passionate Collegiate Hunters and Conservationists

While Ducks University primarily focuses on conservation and fundraising, Campus Waterfowl serves as a platform for collegiate waterfowl hunters to share their stories, experiences, and passion for the outdoors. The synergy between these programs lies in their shared goal of engaging the next generation of hunters and conservationists.

Ducks University chapters often collaborate with Campus Waterfowl, sharing their conservation efforts and events on the digital platform. This partnership enables both programs to reach a wider audience and inspire more college students to get involved in waterfowl hunting and wetlands conservation.

Additionally, Campus Waterfowl helps spread awareness about the importance of wetlands conservation and the role hunters play in preserving these vital ecosystems. By showcasing the efforts of Ducks University chapters and their members, Campus Waterfowl encourages others to join the cause and become environmental stewards.


Ducks University and Campus Waterfowl, through their unique yet interconnected missions, are uniting collegiate waterfowl hunters and conservationists across the United States. Together, they are empowering the next generation of hunters and conservationists to take an active role in preserving wetlands and the waterfowl hunting tradition for future generations.

Are you a college student looking to make a difference in wetlands conservation and join a community of passionate hunters? We encourage you to join or start a Ducks Unlimited chapter at your college campus. Visit to learn more about Ducks University and how you can get involved.

By supporting these programs and taking part in their initiatives, you can make a lasting impact on the future of wetlands conservation and the waterfowl hunting community. Together, let's build a passionate, responsible, and dedicated community of collegiate waterfowl hunters and conservationists, committed to preserving the sport, lifestyle, and environment for generations to come.

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