A Michigan Odyssey with Ferris State University Ducks Unlimited

As we embarked on our latest adventure with the Ferris State University Ducks Unlimited Chapter in Michigan, we were reminded of the sheer excitement and camaraderie that waterfowl hunting brings. This journey, much like our North Dakota escapade, was a blend of thrilling hunts, culinary explorations, and unforgettable experiences, all captured in a series of engaging videos.

The Podcast Prelude: Setting the Scene

Before diving into the heart of our Michigan adventure, we invite you to tune into our podcast. Here, we set the stage for what's to come, sharing insights, laughter, and the anticipation of the hunts ahead. This podcast dives deep into the world of hunting with our expert panel as we discuss the ins and outs of waterfowl hunting, the nuances of whitetail deer hunting, and the strategies that make a successful hunt.

First Hunt: The Thrill Begins

On a chilling Friday the 13th, we hide in Michigan's shadowy cornfields for our first goose hunt. On a foggy and rainy morning the students showcase the essence of waterfowl hunting - from the early morning preparations to the joy of a successful hunt.


Culinary Delights: From Field to Plate

After the hunt, we turn our attention to the culinary side of things. In this video, we explore a unique recipe - deep-fried goose breast. This segment highlights the importance of sustainable use of game and the joy of sharing a meal with fellow friends and family.

The Ultimate Challenge: Hunting in the Elements

Our final video is a testament to the resilience of waterfowl hunters. Braving the heavy rain, we embark on an exhilarating hunt, capturing the spirit and determination that define the waterfowl hunting experience. Our best duck and goose hunt of the season!! We ended the day with a limit of 35 canada geese and 18 mallards!


Conclusion: A Celebration of Waterfowl Hunting Tradition

Our Michigan journey with the Ferris State University Ducks Unlimited Chapter was a celebration of the waterfowl hunting culture. Each moment, from the anticipation in the podcast to the final rain-soaked hunt, was a testament to the passion and dedication of the Campus Waterfowl community.

We'd like to extend a special thank you to Kent Cartridge and Benelli for sponsoring Season 5 of the Collegiate Waterfowl Tour. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing these adventures to life.

We invite you to join us on our adventures and immerse yourself in the world of waterfowl hunting with Campus Waterfowl by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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